Creating a
local identity
through colors



The demographics of Witikon are changing. In recent years, the Zurich city district has become a popular place for young families to live. And rightly so: on average, one pays significantly less rent, the transport links are good and the forest is close by. Young and old alike feel at home in Witikon – but there are still a number of things that depress the mood. We think our neighborhood needs more color and everyone who thinks so should be able to help change that. That is why we are founding the Farbenberg initiative. Farbenberg is nothing other than a license to dream: anyone who cares about Witikon can add color and creativity to the neighborhood – how and where they want. First on paper, then on a digital platform, later maybe in reality. We are looking for ideas for the public space, small to large temporary interventions, bold and colorful, which make a walk through Witikon an experience. Farbenberg is the opportunity to help shape public space.

The goal is to develop a new sense of community, to deepen the connection between Witikon and its residents, to strengthen the perception of its institutions. Witikon becomes more colorful – and thus even more livable.